our church

Ascent Church is a Gospel-centered, Bible-teaching, mission-focused church composed of people from every walk of life. Everything we do is grounded in the truth of the Bible and centered on the person of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Church, as imperfect as it may be, is the hope of the world, and we’re here to bring some of that hope to our part of the world starting right here in Stuart, FL. We believe that everyone is welcome, because no one is perfect, but that, with God, anything is possible. You are welcome here.

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Our history

Ascent Church was launched in October 2016 with a small group of local Christians. Since then, the church has grown significantly, become diverse in every way, expanded our facilities, partnered with numerous local non-profits, impacted our community, and connected with international ministries. We are very excited about what God is doing and will do here at Ascent Church!

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OUR BEliefs

Our beliefs are grounded and based on the truth of the Bible, which we believe to be the very Word of God Himself. Because it is the Word of God, we believe that it is unchangeable, perfect and complete – that means that it doesn’t need to be changed, twisted, added to or subtracted from, but rather preached, taught and released into the lives of the people in our community. If you’d like more information about our beliefs, please click the link below.


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Our team is comprised of both staff and volunteers and exists to serve the Body of Christ and our community. We’d love to meet you, so be sure to say hello if you come by!